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Helping You Connect With Your Community

My mission is to use my experience in social media and digital marketing to help small businesses connect with their community and build a loyal fanbase.

Social Media

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I help companies harness the full power of social media. Using my social-first, sell-second approach, businesses will learn how to connect with their ideal customer and build a loyal community of fans.

Website Design and SEO

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I’ll do a full audit of your current website and provide you with the tools and strategies to maximize the use of this crucial business tool. Don’t have a website yet? I can help you design a functional, optimized, on-brand website.

Digital Marketing Strategy

One of my favourite aspects of digital marketing and communications is digital marketing strategy. I’ll help you filter out all of the information out there and find the strategy that works for you.

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Fleets – Twitter has re-entered the group chat

I have been a long-time user of Twitter. I joined back in 2009 because some of my favourite YouTubers like Mitchell Davis (LiveLavaLive) and JennaMarbles would do twitter Q&A’s and I really wanted to be included in one of them. Since then Twitter has gone through a few phases. It was a strong platform forContinue reading “Fleets – Twitter has re-entered the group chat”


Riri’s Discoveries is a Digital Marketing and Communications Consultant based out of Ontario, Canada

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Hours of Operation

I work remotely and am therefore available every day of the week. However, I am an advocate for work life balance, so I may take longer to respond outside of normal business hours.

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