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Welcome to Riri’s Discoveries. This website is designed to inform, engage, and entertain you. Each section covers an area of my life that I am passionate about: inbound marketing, fitness, and writing.

Discover: Inbound Marketing

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I began my marketing career in December 2017 when the gym I was working for asking me to write weekly articles for their website. Fast forward to now and I implement all aspects of Inbound marketing to my client’s work and my personal projects.

Discover: Fitness

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Fitness has always been a passion of mine. I have a diploma in Fitness and Health promotion and have worked in the fitness industry since 2017. In these articles you’ll find the answers to your questions about all things health and fitness.

Discover: Personal Essays

The essays included on this page include a variety of topics. Some will be in the format of daily blogs, while some will reflect on past, present, and potential life experiences.

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Fleets – Twitter has re-entered the group chat

I have been a long-time user of Twitter. I joined back in 2009 because some of my favourite YouTubers like Mitchell Davis (LiveLavaLive) and JennaMarbles would do twitter Q&A’s and I really wanted to be included in one of them. Since then Twitter has gone through a few phases. It was a strong platform forContinue reading “Fleets – Twitter has re-entered the group chat”


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