About Riri

My current title may be Director of Social Media and Marketing, but this was not where I started with Free Form Fitness.

In 2017 I was hired as a personal trainer with Free Form Fitness. I was fresh out of school and was eager to start working for a gym that felt more local than the big-box gyms.

Within 3 months of working there, I was asked to write a weekly blog for their website. I had always loved researching and writing, so this gave me a chance to do that. It was great for keeping me on top of the latest news, and if my clients had questions, I could answer them in the blog.

Before I knew it I was pitching the role of a marketing director to the C.E.O. and by August 2018 I was offered the job: Director of Social Media. It began with creating regular content for their social media pages and I continued to write their weekly blogs.

The more I created, the more my role evolved. The more my role evolved, the more I was forced to adapt. I started to get more excited about new marketing projects than getting new personal training clients. The challenge of a new marketing campaign was more alluring than the challenge of creating a new workout program.

Don’t get me wrong – I still hold a very special place in my heart for personal training. It is actually why this role has been so exciting for me. As the Director of Social Media and (now) Marketing, I can create the content that educates the masses and points them in the direction of an exceptional personal training service.

So now, after 2 years in the role – 1 of which I spent working remotely from Stockholm, where I also worked as an au pair – my plate is full of new and exciting tasks.

I have new credentials from some of the marketing giants: Google, Facebook, Hootsuite and Hubspot – and I continue to seek out new certifications and marketing tools on a regular basis.

Which brings me to the purpose of this website. There is so much going on and every day I learn something new. I was beginning to feel like it was all swirling around in my head with nowhere to go (especially since I was beginning to feel like my family was tired of hearing my stories!). So I’ve created this website under my old personal training name – Riri’s Discoveries.

Every day is an opportunity to discover something new about marketing, social psychology, design, and most importantly – myself. This website will be a hub of celebrations, mistakes, questions, and discoveries. I hope that somewhere on the internet I can connect with people who find this entertaining, insightful, or something that ruffles their feathers. It’s all welcome here.

Let’s discover something new together.

x. Riley

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