4 Benefits of Social Media Giveaways

If you are on social media chances are you have seen, or have even entered, a social media giveaway. All you have to do to enter is like, tag other accounts, and follow the account(s) running the contest.

There are few major benefits to doing social media giveaways:

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Highlight a company value
  3. Build strong connections with other businesses or influencers
  4. Increase your following

Increase Brand Awareness

With all of these people liking and tagging their friends, your brand is getting a major boost for impressions. A few brands and influencers have really nailed this by offering incredible giveaways. The major one that comes to mind from this past year is Love-Islander, Molly-Mae Hague’s summer giveaway. This included iPads and Louis Vuitton handbags and laptops – it was a massively generous giveaway and the generosity awarded her almost 3 million comments, millions of likes, and she even had articles written about the event.

This was to thank her followers for 1 million YouTube subscribers and certainly got the word out about Molly-Mae.

Highlight a Company Value

Depending on what you decide to giveaway or the companies and influencers you partner with, you can use these giveaways to share something that you care about. Right now I am running a giveaway on one of the Instagram pages that I manage and we are highlighting the fact that we support our community.

Supporting local has been a big part of 2020, and as this company is a local business, I wanted to make sure we let the public know that we really do walk-the-walk and it isn’t only self-serving. Not only will the giveaway prize be a gift card purchased by the company (not donated), but the giveaway also gives clients a chance to interact with a charity that we are supporting for the holiday season.

The giveaway will definitely give us more followers. But those followers will have a special first engagement with the brand. Their first impression of this company will be that they are generous, and that they support local initiatives.

Now if your first impression of a brand was that they gave back to their community, I’d bet that the brand made a pretty good first impression on you.

Build Strong Connections with Other Businesses or Influencers

In the social media space we can sometimes forget that social media is meant to be social – not just to glorify our own stories and promote our products (though it is a great tool for that). By running giveaways we really open up a great opportunity to be social with other brands and influencers online.

Before setting up a giveaway it is important to reach out to the accounts you’ll be partnering with or donating to. You’ll want to establish a relationship with those accounts so they know you’re a legitimate partner, and that you’ll stick to your word when it comes time to donate.

If all goes well and the two (or however many) of you are happy with the results, you’ve just made a very strong social media connection.

Think about your personal account. You probably follow a few hundred people on social media, you may even like the majority of posts that you encounter on your carefully curated feed. But then there’s the people that you’ll be happy to respond to their stories. You comment on their posts, and you’ll even try something they’ve shared on their feeds.

The example above shows the kind of relationship that businesses and influencers can have on social media if they leverage things like giveaways. Let me say it again: social media is meant to be social. So don’t be afraid to reach out and engage. You could find yourself in a symbiotic social media relationship.

Increase your following

I left this one as the final benefit of social media giveaways because although it is definitely a benefit it comes with an asterisk. You can expect to see a major boost in followers during the giveaway, but if your content afterwards doesn’t meet the new follower’s needs, then you’ll likely lose them.

Be sure that if you are looking to gain followers from a giveaway, that you nurture those new followers. Send them a direct message after following and ask them what type of content they love on social media. If you see yourself losing a large number of followers after the giveaway, try posting a few stories with the poll or question stickers.

You’ll never know until you ask.

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Where to Start with Writing Articles

I have been writing content for Free Form Fitness for 2 and a half years. It seems crazy that in just 7 weeks I will have written 150 articles for them.

Here are this articles main points:

The One Thing I Always Ask Myself Before Writing

The thing is, every single week I think to myself “what the h*ll am I supposed to write about now??” Even as I stared at the blank page of this blog post I had that exact same thought.

Before I opened this page I had 15-20 ideas swirling around in my head. I have been thinking about starting this website for weeks now and have 2-3 new blog ideas every day. So why is my mind struggling to find a topic?

My theory with this is that as soon as it comes down to the moment that you have to put your words on the page there is a moment of self-doubt, or fear, or insecurity that creeps in. The questions of “who actually cares?”, and “what if it isn’t as good as I want it to be”, or even “what if people hate it”, all come to my mind when I begin the process of writing an article.

If every content writer allowed these thoughts to stop them there wouldn’t be any content online – and wouldn’t that be an absolute shame.

What Helps: Target Topics

When I write for Free Form Fitness I know that all of my topics should somehow relate back to health, fitness, and (most importantly), personal training. When I looking for a new topic to write I just have to think about something within those broad topics and ask myself a specific question. The answer to that question becomes the article.

For this article, as it is my first on this website, I had to think about what my broad topics are for this website. My tagline talks about discovering what it takes to be a self-taught marketer so what broad topics can relate to that.

For me, these topics are:

  • Content Writing Strategies (like this one)
  • Content Creation Resources (like Canva and Pinterest)
  • Marketing Ideas (from campaigns to copy)
  • Life as a self-taught marketer (from imposter syndrome to rewarding success)

With these 4 broad topics in mind I can continue to ask myself questions and seek out answers to them. Another very important part of this is that as I live my life and do my job, these topics will always be on the back of my mind. So when I complete a new project, or if I come up against a problem, I can write down the idea and share it here.

Let me say that again: write down the idea.

If you think you’re going to remember a topic idea, my hat goes off to you. There have been many great ideas lost because I thought that’d I would ” remember them later.”

So if you are new to content writing I’m going to tell you something that I wish someone had told me when I first started: know you broad topics, and then ask questions about them. Even if you think they are common knowledge, they may not be. Better yet, you may even be able to find an aspect of that common answer that most people didn’t understand. Your writing will always be unique because you’ve written it.

Just Start Writing

Once you’ve figured out your broad topics, and you have a few questions you want to answer, just start writing. Start writing whatever comes to mind and before you know it you’ll have the beginning of a great article in front of you.

I’ll share some of my favourite writing editing tools and resources in later blogs because for now I just want you to start writing. We’ll get into the nitty gritty of publishing an article at a later date.

If you like what you’ve read, I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter. I use this newsletter to keep subscribers updated on the latest blog. That’s it. I’m not trying to sell anything. I just want to keep you informed.

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Fleets – Twitter has re-entered the group chat

I have been a long-time user of Twitter. I joined back in 2009 because some of my favourite YouTubers like Mitchell Davis (LiveLavaLive) and JennaMarbles would do twitter Q&A’s and I really wanted to be included in one of them.

Since then Twitter has gone through a few phases. It was a strong platform for my generation until Instagram and Snapchat picked up speed. When stories were introduced on both of these platforms, people couldn’t find a reason to tweet when they could share their thoughts on Facebook (without a character limit) and connect with their favourite celebrities on Instagram and Snapchat.

Twitter also bought Vine, which eventually led to the closure of Vine – a real loss for the early social media creators.

Fast forward to today and Twitter has increased its character limit from the original 140 to 280. It has been the epicenter for all of the Trump nonsense from the last 4 years. It has also been home to some creative and incredibly funny corners of the internet. If there’s a major event that can be made into a meme, Twitter is pretty quick to be the birthplace of some of the best memes.

But with the introduction of Fleets, their version of Instagram and Facebook stories, Twitter has an opportunity to really become a very interesting social media platform.

The Original Microblogging Platform

I believe it was in David Meerman Scott’s “New Rules of Marketing & PR” where I had my definition of Twitter redefined. It isn’t just about sharing random thoughts, it is actually a microblogging platform. In 280 characters or less (or more if you create a thread), you are sharing your opinions and therefore your personal perspective on some topic or idea.

Now how does this make the new Fleets feature an exciting launch? Well when I think of what stories have been on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., they act as a form of microblog. Sharing your favourite songs, or vlogging an event you attend – however you use stories, you’ve always been doing a form of microblogging.

So now that the original microblogging platform has joined the stories game, I think they have a great opportunity to not only amplify the voices of their best users, but to open up new doors to their users who have been tweeting thoughts, ideas, and perspectives for years. Everyone on that platform is used to the format of quick thoughts and getting a point across in a succinct way. In a time of limited attention spans, this is incredibly valuable.

Tweets as Fleets

One of the greatest features is the fact that you can share tweets as fleets. This is something many of us have been doing with tweets for years. Take a screenshot, place it on a nice background, and share it to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Now that this feature is built into an app, it takes away the need to take those extra steps.

Going back to this idea of limited attention spans, we are also a society that has had apps and websites designed for the minimum clicks possible to get us to our desired goal. Too many steps and many of us give up and seek out a solution that will get us there faster. So with this tweet sharing feature of fleet, they’ve just cut that process down to a minimum of 2 clicks.

That sounds like efficiency and another reason to spend more time on Twitter.

Low-Pressure Tweeting

On the Twitter blog, the first reason they cite for creating Fleets is a great example of listening to customers. If you are a Twitter user, how many times have you written a tweet and then saved it to drafts or deleted it completely? I know there’s been a few times where I have had a strong opinion on something, have written a great tweet on it, and then deleted it because I worried it was maybe too opinionated. And worse, what if my opinions change in the future, but this is now on the internet forever?

Well that’s where Fleets become an awesome solution. Fleets allow you to share your opinions and perspectives, but with slightly less commitment. You can be part of a conversation but when the topic is no longer a headline, or a trending topic, the Fleet is already gone.

This allows for a more robust conversation. Less hesitation, more perspectives, greater depth in conversation.

I will definitely be using Fleets to share messages related to my Tweets. I like the idea of sharing something that is happening in the moment, and you don’t have the time to write up a Tweet. I don’t want to share the exact same stories across all platforms because I think the audience on Twitter is different from the other major platforms. I want to give more context to my tweets, or help introduce a tweet with a Fleet.

I’ve always been interested in vlogging, and similarly to how I use Twitter as a microblogging platform, I will be using Fleets as a micro-vlogging platform. Working in the social media space and marketing, it is always a good idea to test out the latest platforms and features. If that feature or that new platform ends up being a hit, you’re always well-versed in all of the ways you can use the platform to your advantage.

How will you use Twitter Fleets?

Tomorrowland: A Source of Inspiration

Recently I read something somewhere on the internet that nothing that we do is original. Most of our “innovations” are inspired by something or someone we’ve interacted with in the past.

Accepting that every marketing “idea” I have in the future will not be original but instead a product of inspiration and subconscious curation was a comforting lesson to learn. It also freed me to seek out inspiration, knowing that I can use this inspiration to develop marketing plans and goals for the future.

I read A LOT and most of what I read comes from the marketing book podcast and recommendations from Google Play Books. So many of my strategies and processes are influenced by that.

But in a practical sense, if I am looking for the epitome of marketing – at least, in the way I hope to market a business – is Tomorrowland. Yes, the music festival from Belgium, Tomorrowland.

Aren’t Music Festivals Just A Party & Place For Hippies?

There are a lot of music festivals out there that do not go the extra mile. The music festival industry is lucrative, and the crowds that are drawn to these events are willing to pay a lot of money on tickets, camping, and experiences on-site (drinking, merchandise, etc.).

But for years there have been leaders in this industry. Festivals like Ultra Music Festival, Creamfields, and EDC come to mind. But most notably is Tomorrowland.

I’ve been lucky enough to go to this festival 3 times. Most people wait years to make it through the virtual waiting room and buy their tickets to this festival. My very first year I was fortunate enough to gain access to a special link given to the first 20 registrants from each country.

Every year at the festival is amazing. But what I am always impressed by is the company’s dedication to the product and the client-base.

I may be only 2 years into my marketing career but I grew up observing businesses on a deeper level than most. As a kid, when the first iPod came out I saved up every penny of my allowance until I could buy myself one. I supported Apple up until the passing of Steve Jobs. In my opinion the soul of Apple died with Steve Jobs. He was dedicated to the product and his clients. He brought intuitive design to the mobile, music, and computing world and every element of his products reflected that passion.

When Under Armour bought MyFitnessPal, I saw a company going from sportswear to becoming a true lifestyle brand dedicated to helping it’s customers train and live like athletes.

As an individual, I always sought out jobs with Canadian companies because I am dedicated to the entrepreneurial efforts of my fellow Canadians and showing other Canadians what we are capable of.

All this to say I am happy to support any company that proves to me that they are passionate about their product/service and will go to any length to serve their customer-base.

Which brings me (back) to Tomorrowland.

We’ve all seen the videos of people with memory loss or conditions like dementia and when they listen to music they light up and begin dancing or smiling. There is something inherently magical about music.

Music festivals should understand that their events are so powerful because they center around music. Tomorrowland knows this and “uses” this to their advantage.

I put “uses” in quotes because I never see anything they do as a manipulation of their fans. They simply understand how powerful their event is. “Live Today. Love Tomorrow. Unite Forever” is their tag line and the road map that it lays out allows them to create a festival that does just that.

Tomorrowland Around the World: Marketing at it’s Finest

Okay enough fan-girling. The reason I am writing this post is because of their most recent event, Tomorrowland Around the World.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and festival after festival announced they were cancelling this year, many festival goers were looking ahead to a grim summer. We tuned in to live-stream sets but it never felt quite right.

Tomorrowland, being one of the main events of the summer, recognized this void in festival-goers summer plans. They saw the sadness, and the sense of loss their fans were experiencing and they decided to do something seemingly impossible.

They created a virtual event in 12 weeks. And not just any event – but a Tomorrowland-quality event in 12 weeks. DJ sets from the top DJ’s, an entire virtual-reality island to host the event, and event packages that allowed fans to throw their own parties.

As a marketer this is the pinnacle of marketing. They believe in their service so much that they’d find a way to recreate it in 12 weeks. Not only that but they recognized that their fans needed this – they needed the morale boost. And they delivered.

I am not currently in the event marketing space but I really do believe that this can act as inspiration. I can look at Tomorrowland and their handling of the 2020 festival season, and bring that energy and dedication to my own products.

  • How can I use my/my client’s products and services to boost morale?
  • What is the true power of my/my client’s product or service?
  • Why am I dedicated to the product/service?

These are all questions that now direct my marketing efforts. Gone are the days of interruption and guerilla marketing. We are now living in an age of nurturing and celebration. Nurture our clients needs. Celebrate the joy and life-changing potential of our products and services.

If you follow any of my projects you’ll hopefully see that I focus a lot on the story. I want to know why business-owners started their business, and then what it has meant to their customers. That is where the magic is. And I believe that Tomorrowland is one of the premiere examples of this type of marketing.

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