I have been creating social media designs for years. From when I started my personal training page back in the fall of 2016 to now, the design style has evolved. I use Canva for the majority of my designs, although I recently got a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud so I will hopefully be sharing more designs from there.

YouTube Thumbnails

Using Canva I have created a number of YouTube thumbnails. Free Form Fitness is trying to establish its brand on YouTube, so all of the YouTube thumbnails have these same design elements.

I usually use stock photos in the back. The budget at Free Form Fitness is limited, and with lockdowns it is tricky to get pictures for projects like this.

Check out the Free Form Fitness YouTube Page for more designs

Social Media Graphics

I design social media graphics with the brand tone in mind. For Free Form Fitness, the clients like clean, crisp imagery with not too much writing on the page. The brand is also a boutique-style personal training center, so I try to design the social media graphics with an elevated feel to them. Nothing too whimsical and very gender-neutral.

Check out Free Form Fitness Instagram for more Social Media Designs

Print Media

Designing for print media is always fun. Each project serves a new purpose, and the there are so many ways to include interactive elements now. I have designed flyers for mailer-campaigns, posters for promotions and in-house posters, and the final two designs are from a 23-page welcome package that is given to every new client at Free Form Fitness.

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