Video production is a beast of a project. I have done everything from script writing, to recording and editing videos myself, to editing and rendering multiple videos for multiple platforms for a single campaign.


IGTV – Personal Page

This is a video series I have started on my Instagram page to discuss what’s new in the world of social media.

The script for these is typically point form, unless I have a specific quote that I am referring to.

These are meant to be light-hearted and fun, nothing too serious, just a form of amateur social media journalism.

Video Memes – Personal Page

This is more about video curation then creation. I know that memes are an important language on social media so I have recently made it a goal of mine to incorporate at least 1 meme into my content every week.


Podcast Episode – Free Form Fitness

This project took a lot of planning, but all of that preparation really paid off.

Because of the amount of work that went into preparing for this podcast, I’ve written a blog article outlining all of the steps I took to prepare for this particular production.

Cooking Video – Free Form Fitness

This project was any video editors dream. The trainer who recorded the video watches a lot of YouTube videos, so she has a good understanding of video structure.

When she sent me the clips, she also included instructions for trimming clips, and where to overlay the B-roll.

Day in the Life Free Form Fitness

There was a lot of content to piece together for this project. The trainer sent over 21 clips, some that she had already made minor edits to, and some that were un-edited.

Similar to the cooking video she did include some instruction. I trimmed clips, added music, and tried to edit this in a way that was on brand with Free Form Fitness, but didn’t lose the charm of the trainer.

End of Year Video – Free Form Fitness

This is a project that we had done in the past, but with a professional videographer.

For 2020, given the fact that we weren’t in the gym and were in lockdowns, I had to pull together clips and ask for content from staff to create this video.

New Service – Free Form Fitness

This is a project that I worked on with an Ottawa videographer, Chris Snow.

We were launching a new product and really wanted to get the best quality video for the official product launch.

So I worked with Chris and the leadership team at Free Form Fitness to develop a script and the flow of the video.

Workout Video – Free Form Fitness

This was a video that was submitted by one of the trainers. He actually added some of the text that you see in the video.

The original version was about 13 minutes long and just a continuous shot of the trainer performing the exercises.

I took it into Cyberlink’s Powerdirector and made clear transitions, added the company logo, and added music. I also made sure it was rendered using the YouTube specs, for best quality.

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